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FloScan Instrument Co., Inc.

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3016 NE Blakeley Street
Seattle, WA. 98105-4012
United States
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FloScan Instrument Co., Inc.

Commercial fleets worldwide are installing FloScan to obtain a complete record of diesel fuel consumption on a vessel-by-vessel basis. FloScan’s proprietary DataLog Fuel Monitoring Software, included at no-charge with every FloNET Fuel Monitoring System, now has built in Geo-Fencing capabilities for inland river fleet operators that can automatically track fuel used when transiting through an unlimited number of geographic areas set to correspond to various tax rates and regulatory authorities. The information is collected and recorded by DataLog in a spreadsheet format that allows the fleet system administrator to easily incorporate geographical triggers so when the vessel enters one predefined boundary, the program will record propulsion fuel consumption on a minute by minute basis until it exits that area and crosses into the next predefined area. The data captured can be quickly retrieved directly from the system or via preset broadcast email uploads to fleet operations for ease of use in various types of government tax filings. This saves time, eliminates guesswork, and provides irrefutable evidence of how equipment was used in the field for various tax, regulatory and legal applications. With more than 750,000 installations worldwide over the past 40 years, FloScan Fuel Monitoring Systems set the industry standard and are the safest and most cost effective solution on the market today.

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