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Bates Reliable Solutions LLC/Stuff 4 Water

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26011 Maplewood Drive
Spring, TX. 77386
United States
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Bates Reliable Solutions LLC/Stuff 4 Water

Bates Reliable Solutions, LLC/Stuff 4 Water has been taking Water out of Stuff & Stuff out of Water for over 30 years. A CCJensen Marine/Offshore Oilfield Specialist & Master Distributor Worldwide. The Offline Fine Filters, removes daily condensation to less than 100ppm and particulate to 1 micron/3absolute & can extend the life of your lubricants by 5 times or more . The Offline Separator Filters removes ingress water to less than 100ppm and removes particulates to 1 micron/3 absolute, in thruster and ROV HPU's. The CCJensen Purifiers for Fuel, treats the root of the problem with dirty fuel, the tank, increasing the life of injectors, reducing down time and extending the life of inline filters. The CCJensen Lube Oil Purifier, can extend your LO life well beyond 2000 hours by removing water to less than 100ppm and dirt down to 1micron/3micron absolute, in some oil even the soot. The CCJensen Desorber "Combi" Unit will remove all the water out of all oils, including the EAL's & conventional based oils, in Tailshaft lubricants & Thruster & Zdrives in a continuous feed process. Other low maintenance products include the Elysator Water Conditioner uses water chemistry instead of water chemicals. Water treatment systems from RO's, OWS, UV's to BWT's, our products provide low maintenance, less downtime, & reduced operating costs.

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