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Atlas Incinerators
73 Masnedovej
Vordingborg, DK4760
Contact: Tine Kaalund Jensen
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The ATLAS Incinerators product line has been on the market since 1974 and more than 8000 units have been installed world-wide within the Marine Industry, the Offshore Industry, on Power Plants and as Transportable Containerized Incinerators for various purposes. ATLAS Incinerators’ modern production facilities in Denmark are mainly for component mounting, testing before shipment as well as research and development. The main components are all produced by subcontractors. Further, we have our own production facilities in China and a Licensee in Korea. Total production capacity: 1000 units per year.

Atlas Incinerators
The Atlas Incinerator three-chamber design is one of many reasons that we meet the construction regulations and tough emission rules issued by the IMO. (The International Maritime Organisation).    Extra combustion air is injected into the after-burning chambers, ensuring destruction of all unburned particles. This extra flow prevents any unburned particles or flames from escaping the incinerator and entering the chimney.    All chambers are protected by high  temperature castable lining.
Atlas Incinerators
Atlas Incinerators designed for burning garbage & oil waste simultaneously. An incinerator working as advertised, minimizing environmental impacts and with many unique design advantages saving costs on operation, maintanance and installation.

Atlas Incinerator designed for easy operation.

Our basic design burns oil waste with up to 50% water, hence NO diesel oil or NO additional equipment such as bilge water injection system is required.

Our basic design with advantages reducing operation & maintenance cost:

  • Equipped with an induced air ejector, so installation of an exhaust gas fan is NOT required.
  • Long lasting castable refractory lining.
  • Waste sluices are available in 3 sizes.
  • One sludge tank system, hence settling and draining is not required.
  • Sludge burner with no moving parts.
  • Self-cleaning strainer in sludge line.

Our basic design minimizing Environmental impacts:

  • Incinerators are designed to meet all the latest emission requirements from IMO.
  • Efficient after burning due to our unique 3-combustion chamber design.
  • Long retention time in the afterburning chambers secures cleaner emissions.
  • Diesel oil consumption only for warming up the incinerator.
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