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Capital Machine Technologies
Capital Machine Technologies
911 U.S. Highway 301 South
Tampa, FL 33619
United States
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Capital Machine is the largest distributor of Metal Fabricating & Robotic Welding equipment in the south. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida for nearly 40 years, Capital provides industry-leading products from around the world. The equipment is supported by a professional staff of 17 Service Engineers strategically located throughout the south. In order to help customers identify potential savings and evaluate new technology, Capital operates state-of-the-art Showrooms in Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. For more details or a preview of the products offered by Capital, visit

Faccin Model 4HEL 3128 Four Roll Synchronized Plate Bending Roll
Faccin is the world leader in designing, manufacturing and selling Plate Bending Rolls, Section - Angle Bending Rolls and Dishing and Flanging Lines. The Faccin 4HEL Series of Four Roll Plate Bending Machines are considered to be the Most Versatile, Precise and Easy to Use Plate Rolls.
Faccin was founded in the 1960's to specialize in the manufacturing of Heavy Duty Plate Bending Rolls. With technological innovation and investment in research and development, Faccin has earned the reputation of offering outstanding quality, reliability and state of the art rolling solutions.

Faccin can provide five different plate roll designs and models based upon length and capacity to offer the most comprehensive product line in the plate roll industry.

Faccin Plate Roll Models:  

Faccin 4HEL - The 4HEL is a 4 Roll Double Pinch Pyramid design that is considered the most versatile, precise and easy to use plate roll with the added advantage of higher production 3 to 4 times faster than a conventional pinch pyramid design.  It is found in medium to heavy fabrication companies.  The 4HEL is available in lengths from 5' to 60' and with capacity ranging from .197" to 6" materials and heavier on demand.

Faccin 3HEL - The 3HEL is the latest evolution of the traditional 3 Roll Double Pinch plate bending roll.   With the capability to prebend and roll material in one handling, it is ideally suited to meet the rolling requirements of medium capacity fabrication shops.  The 3HEL is available in lengths from 5' to 13' and with capacity to roll from .118" to 1.181" materials.

Faccin HAV - The HAV is a 3 Roll Variable Geometry design roll that offers an unbeatable combination of rolling power  with guaranteed prebending precision.
The variable geometry design makes it the preferred machine for all workshops with medium, heavy and super-heavy rolling requirements up to 12" thick materials.  It is ideal for ship buildingpressure vessels, off-shore platforms, reactors, heat exchangers and other heavy-duty roll applications.

Faccin ASI - The ASI machine is a 3 roll Initial Pinch design that is offered in lengths from 40" to 120" and in capacities from .040" to .354".  It is ideally suited and the economically affordable solution for the smaller workshop and lower production requirements.

Faccin HCU - The HCU is an innovative 2 Roll design that incorporates a special Urethane Forming Roll to deliver the optimum in quality and performance with guaranteed accuracy and repeatability at extremely fast rolling speeds.  For high production and close tolerance rolling, the HCU is the ideal machine in lengths from 20" to 80" and in materials from .008" to .197"

Faccin Profile-Angle Bending Rolls:

Faccin RCMI - The series RCMI Double Pinch Angle Rolls are designed for rolling profiles with a high resistance to bending.  With universal modular rolls, profiles that can be rolled are beam, channel, angle, flat, T-bar and solid stock. The RCMI offers 3 driven rolls with 6-way adjustable lateral guide rolls to guarantee the best control and calibration of diameters and to prevent twisting of asymmetrical sections

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Faccin Model 4HEL 3128 Four Roll Synchronized Plate Bending Roll
Flow Virtual Waterjet Processing Display and Demonstration
Flow is the World Leader in High Pressure Waterjet Cutting and Technology. The Flow virtual display will enable to you to experience the waterjet cutting process and learn of the technical and practical benefits of abrasive waterjet processing in today's challenging manufacturing industry.
Flow - The Company
It takes constant innovation, hard work and focus on customer commitment to earn the title of The World Leader in Waterjet Technology.  It's a responsibility we don't take lightly and it fuels our passion to create your next generation waterjet solution.

Flow is the Complete System Manufacturer.  Your entire waterjet system comes from one single supplier.....Flow.  Every part is specifically designed to work together using only the finest material and components in our manufacturing process.

The Mach Series from Flow

Mach 2 - The Classic Waterjet  Flow's Mach 2 Series combines reliability with exceptional value to provide the Waterjet System that will set you up for success. Powered by the easy to use FlowMaster Control, the Mach 2 Series comes standard with all of the traditional waterjet features and benefits.  The Mach 2 series provides robust structural integrity and performance you can count on.

Mach 3 - The World's Most Popular Waterjet  The Mach 3 waterjet series from Flow has a reputation that speaks volumes of its performance.  The Mach 3 is available in multiple configurations and sizes.  You get your choice of the most reliable pumps, user friendly motion control software and a compact integrated design.  Discover why the Mach 3 Series is the most widely operated and trusted waterjet system in the industry.

Mach 4 - The Forefront of Waterjet Technology  Flow's Mach 4 Series surpasses the rest of the industry.  The Mach 4 cuts faster, increases production, saves cost and does it all with the most revolutionary waterjet technology available.  With features specifically designed to make your waterjet operation the most efficient and to provide the utmost versatility, the Flow Mach 4 features the most innovative technological advancements in the industry.

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Flow Virtual Waterjet Processing Display and Demonstration
Accurpress 175 ton x 12' Advantage Hydraulic Press Brake
Capital Machine will be demonstrating a Accurpress 175 Ton Advantage Press Brake, featuring an easy to use ETS 3000 CNC control interface providing fast and accurate parts every time. Capital Machine offers press brakes with many automated features and available in tonnage from 25 to 3000 tons.
Since 1974, Accurpress has grown to become the dominant company in the Press Brake and Shear market-place in North America.  With over 16,000 installations ranging from basic forming and shearing to robotically operated press brakes, Accurpress has proven to be the manufacturer offering the greatest value, features and return-on-investment.

Accurpress Advantage Series Press Brake

The Advantage is the Perfect Forming System that Combines Performance and Accuracy to Assure Flexibility and Productivity in an Affordable Solution

  •    Number One Selling Press Brake in America
  •    High Accuracy and Repeatability of  +/- .0004"
  •    ETS 3000 CNC Control and Premium Backgauge System 
  •    Custom Configuration Options Available  
  •    Press Brakes from 25 to 3000 Ton Capacities
  •    Lengths up to 38' Single Machine and 60' Tandems

Additional Press Brake Models and Shears from Accurpress

Accurpress  "Accell Series" Press Brakes

High Precision and High Productivity forming designed to offer the Ultimate in "Productivity" and "Flexibility". Available in 90 ton to 3000 ton. 

Accurpress  "Edge Series" Press Brakes

The Edge is Designed to Meet the High Speed and Accuracy Requirements of the Precision Market with Affordability.  Available in 75 to 650 ton.


Superior Design for Accuracy and Reliability and Rated to Shear Structural Quality Steel with Strengths to 80,000 Tensile and 44,000 Yield.  Available is 10 gauge to 1" capacity and up to 20' in length.

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Accurpress 175 ton x 12'  Advantage Hydraulic Press Brake
GEKA Ironworker Model 110SD with SEMI-PAXY CNC Gauging System
Capital Machine will be demonstrating a GEKA Ironworker 110SD with the SEMI-PAXY Programmable Gauging Option. It offers 120 tons of hydraulic punching capacity and 180 tons of angle, bar, channel and plate shearing, notching and forming.

Geka Single and Dual cylinder Hydraulic Ironworkers

Geka has been manufacturing Shearing and Punching Machines since 1919.  As a result of this continuous effort over nine decades, Geka has gained (earned) the position of the world's number one selling ironworker.

  • 40 to 240 Ton Punching Capacity
  • Up to 8" x 8" x 1" Angle Shear Capacity
  • Guided Slide Design
  • Automated Punching and Shearing Systems
  • Single-End Punches from 60 to 240 Ton
  • Productivity Package Enhancements

SEMI-PAXY CNC Plate Positioning and Punching System

"To be on display and for demonstration"

Model SEMI-PAXY - For Plate, Angle, and Channel
This is an X-Y coordinate positioning table utilizing your choice of either a Fagor 102 CNC Control or a Windows-based touch-screen control with GEKA Pro PC software. The Semi-Paxy may be factory fitted onto any GEKA Ironworker or Single-End Punch with a 20" or larger throat.

Operation: The operator enters the hole punch positions into the control. The program moves the guides to the first hole position. The operator places the material against the guide stops and punches the first hole. The guides then move automatically to the next punching position, according to the programmed information. The operator repositions the material against the guide stops and punches the second hole. Operation continues until program is finished.

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GEKA Ironworker Model 110SD with SEMI-PAXY CNC Gauging System
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