Beware of Unauthorized Publications

Please be aware of publications not affiliated with WorkBoat

Recently it has been brought to our attention that the owner of a publication called "Workboat Industry News/ Offshore Industry News" has been contacting exhibitors to solicit advertising in conjunction with the International WorkBoat Show, to be held October, 9-11, 2013 in New Orleans.

For the record, "Workboat Industry News/Offshore Industry News" is not affiliated in any way with the International WorkBoat Show, WorkBoat magazine,, Diversified Business Communications or its co-sponsors. This publication, published by Source Group LLC, was not, nor will it be in the future, authorized to distribute any publication at the International WorkBoat Show or inside of official Show hotels.

The editors of WorkBoat magazine will publish, as they have in years past, a daily edition from the show floor in New Orleans all three days of the show. Each edition of the WorkBoat Show Daily will distributed on the show floor, and the Day One edition will be delivered room by room at official Show hotels prior to the opening of the Show on October 9, 2013. Source Group LLC's publications offering advertising at this or any other official Diversified Business Communications events will never be distributed in this same way.

For more information about the WorkBoat Show Daily, click here.

The organizers of the International WorkBoat Show would like to thank you for your continued support and looks forward to seeing you in New Orleans this October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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