Wednesday, Nov 29 - Friday, Dec 1, 2017

2016 Conference Schedule

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2017 program details coming in late spring. 

30 Nov 2016
01 Dec 2016
02 Dec 2016

Marine Casualty Reporting and Investigations

In this session, panelists will discuss marine casualties, hazardous conditions, reporting requirements, and investigations for vessel-related accidents that occur on the navigable waters of the U.S. When these incidents occur,...
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Sean Pribyl

Staying Afloat when the Tides are Strong

During tough times, many businesses make budget cuts and lay off staff, and in the worst case, close their doors permanently. In the maritime industry, success is often hit or...
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John Kerry

Open Session: Opportunities for Federal Shipyards Grants

Discussion of program basics, eligibility, the current status of the program, future outlook, and what shipyard owners/managers and manufacturers need to know to take advantage of grant opportunities for new...
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Dave Matsuda

Autonomous Vessels: Making the Concept Commercially Viable

Autonomy is rapidly making its way into the consumer marketplace with airborne drones, self-parking and driver-assist cars. In the commercial sector we are now seeing autonomous tractors and construction equipment....
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Courtney Bradbury

Using Big Data to Drive Maintenance and Operations Improvements

There are many challenges facing owners and operators in different workboat markets including: macroeconomic volatility and uncertainty, increasingly complex vessels, more and more environmental regulations, and attracting and retaining quality...
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Rob Bradenham

Improving Shipbuilding Safety

On big job sites or applications where welding takes place at significant distances from the power source such as shipbuilding, remote welding control technology offers the ability to set welding...
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Joe Ryan

Creating an Exceptional Organization

Vigor Alaska (Ketchikan) is on a quest to create a shipyard that embraces and honors the brilliance of the human being. This talk will explore how the shipyard is combining...
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Tom Mann

Open Session: Opportunities for Hybrid Power in the US Offshore Oil & Gas Sector

Dr. Davion Hill will present recent results from a joint industry project in the oil and gas sector which reviewed the techno-economic benefits of hybrid power for offshore service vessels....
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Davion Hill

Keynote: Leif Babin & Jocko Willink

“There can be no leadership where there is no team.” -Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win Leadership is a fundamental cornerstone of...
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Leif Babin
Jocko Willink

Training for Crews Aboard LNG Fueled Vessels

LNG as a fuel is no longer something way off in the future. It’s here now. This presentation will discuss some of the properties of this new fuel and show...
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Thomas Guldner

Global Influences on the Workboat Market

This session will look at the transportation of U.S. commodities to and from the global market, evaluating the various modes including barge, rail and ocean, bulk and container, and the...
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Ken Eriksen

Safety in the Down Market

Understanding how market shifts affect safety performance. Companies need to understand how ups and downs in the market dictate behaviors that affect safety performance.

Maritime Cybersecurity and The Last 44,000 Miles

With ships becoming increasingly connected, automated and more reliant on the Internet, the risk of cyberattack grows. This new risk requires the adoption of tools and controls as well as...
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Steve Burke
Cris DeWitt

Open Session: U.S. Navy Boats, Service Craft, and Foreign Military Sales (PMS325) Overview

The Support Ships, Boats and Craft Program Office (PMS 325) within PEO Ships is responsible for procuring special mission ships, service craft, seaborne targets, small boats, and combatant craft for...
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Jon D Thomas
Dean Siminow
Dan Shimooka

Innovative Ways to Solve Emissions Problems Without Compromising Fuel Consumption

Marine vessels face increasingly stringent global emission standards. The latest change alone requires more than a 70% emission reduction. To comply, marine engine technology had to advance. Today, there are...
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Mukul Girotra

Getting Your Maritime Connectivity Strategy Right – Challenges and Best Practices

In an increasingly competitive world, commercial fleets require a communications strategy that satisfies multiple stakeholders, offers affordable broadband connections, and prepares businesses for the future. Learn about the challenges and...
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Steve Griffin

Preventing Workplace Injuries with Ergonomics

Dr. Richard Bunch will discuss the importance of ergonomics and techniques that can be used to reduce injuries in the workplace.
Dr. Richard Bunch

LNG Bunkering Infrastructure

LNG continues to grow as a fuel of choice for many vessel owner/operators. But what comes first, the infrastructure or the customer? Hear from key marine industry leaders about the...
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Rafael Riva
Joshua Sebastian
David Grucza

Spotlight Session: PT-305 Restoration for Operational Passenger Service.

The National WWII Museum is near completion of a multi-year project to restore a historic PT boat built by Higgins Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In 2017, the Museum plans...
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Subchapter M Compliance Management

In this session, you will learn what is included in the Subchapter M final rule and how to determine, with hands-on exercises, which parts apply to your boats and which...
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Kevin Gilheany

Repurposing Stacked OSVs for Use as Training Vessels

The current offshore market is suffering from stagnant oil prices and a resultant low demand for offshore service vessels. In order to sustain employment on U.S.-flag vessels, two factors have...
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Anil Raj
Chad Fuhrmann

Improved Operational Profile and Maneuverability

In just 10 years, pod systems have revolutionized high-speed planing vessel design and performance by delivering exceptional fuel efficiency, maneuverability, stability and comfort on board. This session is intended for...
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Gerard Torneman
Jens Bering

Managing Millennials & Maritime Leadership

Those born after 1980, the first generation to come of age in the new millennium, have grown up in a culture defined by rapid technological change, 9/11, ongoing war, corporate...
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Rebecca Flores
Martin Glenday

River Locks and Dams

Paul Rohde of the Waterways Council Inc. (WCI), a national public policy organization that advocates a well-maintained system of inland waterways infrastructure and ports, will discuss the importance of our...
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Paul Rohde

The Effectiveness of Onboard E-Learning Training for Maritime Regulatory Compliance

Martin Glenday will discuss onboard e-learning. This includes technical systems requirements, bandwidth limitations, matching the curriculum to meet mariner learning needs, advantages of recordkeeping and meeting regulatory auditing needs, making...
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Martin Glenday
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